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Acquisition of iVOX Bvba, Leader in online panels in Belgium

30. März 2017

Bilendi - ALBLD – has acquired iVOX, the number one in online panels in Belgium. This continues the Bilendi Group’s strategy to create one of the European leaders of digital services for market research through expansion and strong development.

With the acquisition of iVOX, the Bilendi group is now established in 12 countries with more than 2.2 million panellists and would have generated €25 million in sales in 2016.

Created in 2004 and based in Leuven, iVOX quickly became the market leader in online panels in Belgium. iVOX provides digital services to market research companies and is particularly renowned for the size and quality of its access panel (150,000 active members) covering Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels region.

The teams at Ivox, predominantly comprising experts from the University of Leuven, are well known for their innovation in new modes of digital surveys.

With 16 employees, iVOX achieved a turnover of €2.3 million* in 2016 and an operating profit of €0.35 million*. The acquisition is fully paid in cash with a portion of the price conditional on achieving the 2017 objectives.
Steven Deketelaere, founder, remains a consultant for the company. Hans Verhoeven, Managing Director of iVOX, will manage the integration with the Bilendi Group and will continue to develop the business.

Steven Deketelaere and Hans Verhoeven commented: "As specialists in digital services for market research, we are proud to join the Bilendi Group. Ivox will benefit from access to all Bilendi's panels and to the Group's technologies that perfectly meet the expectations of our clients."

Bilendi intends to accelerate the growth of iVOX by leveraging commercial synergies and its ability to deploy its technological innovations, particularly in mobile surveys and solutions for measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns. Bilendi will spread Ivox's innovative approach though its various countries.
This acquisition further enhances Bilendi’s international network. Bilendi has the best panels network in Europe, now with 2.2 million panellists in 12 countries: France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway.

Marc Bidou, Chairman and CEO of Bilendi stated: "Our acquisition of iVOX is perfectly in line with our European strategy with an international offering covering more than 2.2 million panellists and a network of partners in more than 55 countries. This operation allows us to acquire the leading position in Belgium, in a market with strong barriers to entry ".

Bilendi will present the details of the acquisition of iVOX on 5 April in connection with the publication of its annual results.

*Unaudited figures


Publication of the annual results on Wednesday 5 April 2017 (after the close of trading)

About Bilendi
At a time of rapid increase in the volumes, variety and speed of data being transmitted and exchanged Bilendi brings an innovative and technological solution for collection, management and monetisation of that data. Bilendi is strategically positioned at the heart of data collection for two market segments: Services for Market Research and Services for Customer Engagement and Loyalty. With operations in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Morocco, the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark) and Belgium, the group also operates in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Norway . In 2016, Bilendi achieved a turnover of € 22.5 million.

The group is listed on Alternext of Euronext Paris.

ISIN code FR 0004174233 - MNEMO code. ALBLD - Eligible PEA PME

About iVOX Bvba
Founded in 2004, iVOX Bvba is the leader of online panels in Belgium. Ivox Bvba has highly qualified access panels with 150,000 active members. Bringing together experts from the research sector, iVOX Bvba provides innovative services to many clients in the market research sector. In 2016, the company generated sales of € 2.3 million.


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